Step 1   Clean the wall with a wet sponge or soft cloth and allow it dry first.
Step 2   Cut the stickers apart and lay them on a flat surface to design your look.
Step 3   Use some tapes to stick the elements on the wall and adjust the position.
Step 4   When everything looks good, peel off the stickers from the backing paper and apply them to the wall. (Be very careful when peeling off stickers, especially with intricate designs or in tight corners. For large decals, use two people if possible to avoid the stickers stick to themselves or other stickers). To avoid air bubbles, try working from the center outward.
Step 5   Use sponge or soft cloth to press the stickers firmly and evenly against the wall to make sure they stick well.
Step 6   Done! Enjoy the stickers!
Step 7   When you feel inspired to make a change, gently peel your decal away from the wall, taking care not to rip it around intricate designs and tight corners. Then simply put it where you want and restick.
For better results, mix and match some similar themed decals to create a bigger scene.